Hot Shots

HOT SHOTS (3-8 YEARS OLD) – Early    development   tennis & ball skills (soft red/orange  balls)

Saturday School Term

Time:      10.00am – 11.00am

Venue:   Mills Park         Contact:  Steve 0414 708 701


ANZ Hot Shots Leagues

Playing fixtures for the first time can be hard for the new player, but we have noticed that players that take part in our fixture program actually then understand tennis in a fun environment. Fixtures is all about learning through play philosophy, which means that playing the game of tennis is the central feature of the development and fixtures should be in every serious players pathway.

Small courts, racquets and softer tennis balls makes it possible to develop children’s skills faster, while the red, orange and green stages offer a clear pathway for every player.

Red Ball Leagues

This is suitable for Red Ball players, who are learning how to rally the ball. Play will be conducted on ½ size court.

Orange Ball Leagues

This is suitable for Orange Ball players, who still need to learn how to score but focusing on introducing their serves into matches. Play will be conducted on a ¾ court.

Green Ball Leagues

This is an intermediate competition using the full court with Green Balls. Point play is the main focus.

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